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Paul Tiernan

Paul Tiernan: the man who in 2008 had a song (How to say goodbye) in Hollywood teen cult movie ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite playlist’, who played with the legendary Donovan, who has 7 solo albums released, who has played his trusty mandola with Nick Harper, Boo Hewerdine, Robyn Hitchcock, Mark Geary, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Sinead Lohan, Katell Keineg and Glen Hansard to name but a few. He also sang and played the same trusty mandola on Morcheeba’s album ‘Blood like lemonade’ (released June 2010).

In 2011 ‘How to say goodbye’ was in the English, Australian and Mexican top 30 Itunes singer-songwriter charts. Before we forget, also a member of cult Irish band ‘Interference’ who’s song of beauty and wonder ‘Gold’ featured in Oscar winning Irish film ‘Once’ and is now a huge broadway hit.

Pauls 7th CD ‘The Mystery of others’ was released in April 2015 and signals a departure from his previous releases...

CD baby described it as a .....‘A sensual concoction of musical mysteries, god, blood, love and the pursuit of happiness’ .

Musician ie said: .....‘Great voices singing great songs, the simplicity of this formula delivered so
beautifully has resulted in Paul Tiernan creating an album that is truly a
gift to anyone who buys it”

Rock ‘N Folk (one of France’s major music papers) recently said “he is
without doubt one of the best European singer/songwriters, a great
guitarist as well, equipped with a magic voice, a perfect mixture of
silk and grit. The first song, ‘Breakfast in bed’ is a gem, a dream
impregnated with bittersweet nostalgia that never leaves us after hearing it.”

CD Baby have hailed Paul as “a true songsmith in the tradition of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and PaulSimon” while also intoning of the album “Earthquakes is as fine an album as you’ll hear this or any other year”.

Here’s another quote from CD Baby (the world’s biggest online distributor of independent cd’s) : ‘Belle is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable male folk albums to come through our doors in years.’

“Highly recommended!” Irish Times (Ireland)
“Album of the year” Today FM (Ireland)
“A wayward genius” Folk Roots (Great Britain)
“Exceptionnel” Liberation (France)
‘The master at the top of his game” Performing Songwriter (USA)
“One of the most memorable male folk albums to come through our doors in years” Cd Baby (USA)
“A very, very classy piece of work” Big Issues (Ireland)
“Unexpectedly gorgeous” Hot Press (Ireland)
“Paul Tiernan is in the top flight of contemporary singer/songwriters” Folk Roots (Great Britain)
“Pure magic” Chris Clark SA Life Magazine (Australia)

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