Greenshine is a family trio comprising Noel Shine, Mary Greene and their daughter Ellie. Their material straddles the boundaries of contemporary, folk and roots and includes many self-penned songs. Their fast picking and close harmonies are a treat to the ear.

The Summer of 2016 saw the release of the single and second album THE GIRL IN THE LAVENDER DRESS to huge airplay and acclaim and copper fastened Ellie’s place as one of the most exciting young singers to Spring up in Ireland for many years. Her singing style is completely natural and unaffected by vocal trends which makes it timeless.

The single went on to be rest at No. 1 for a month of Summer on RTERadio1’s Airplay Chart and was 3rd most played Irish track on the station for the year. It reached No. 1 in the iTunes Ireland Singer Songwriter Charts and gathered amongst it’s legion of fans, Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith who said of the song:

“Wow. Stunning song. Beautiful melody and words.”

Ron Sexsmith

while Fiachna Ó Braoináin of Hot House Flowers said: ”One of my favourite songs of the year.” Aonghus McAnally national broadcaster said it was: “One of the most creative things to come out of Ireland for quite a while”

“This is a gorgeous album,the Sound of a Family immersed in music, tight in harmony, in love with song. Shine on Greenshine.”

Christy Moore

Their next single SHADOWLAND continued the band’s upward trend with Jim Lockhart of Horslips commenting: ” It’s lovely – tasty horn and really nice writing and performance.” The song was playlisted on stations around the country and, again, received much airplay on RTE Radio 1 earning them an interview and live 2 song performance on RTE’s flagship arts show Arena. The third single released from the album was CITY OF DREAMS and people were fascinated by the story of the song which was inspired by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s trip to play in Cork, the effect the visit had on him spiritually, and his subsequent discovery of Cork roots after an investigation sparked by the trip.

“I recommend this gorgeous cd. I loved it instantly and have been listening to it constantly. I love the choice of songs and most of all Mary and Noel’s own songs ~ really beautiful voices and effortless singing. Lovely and refreshing.”

Sharon Shannon

The 2018 release of Greenshine’s single Dandelion Seed has seen their star rise even further with the song being retained on the RTERadio1 Recommended list for 4 weeks and at the No.1 spot on the stations Airplay Chart for over a month. The band performed the song and were interviewed live by Sean O Rourke on the Today Show. Their latest single THE GOOD IS GONE emulated the success of previous singles for the band enjoying the top spot on the Airplay Chart for several weeks. June sees the release of Greenshine’s new album FAMILY.

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