Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford

Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford

Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford are folk duo based in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Jimmy Crowley is a legend in Irish music. An Irish musician who largely specialises in collecting and playing traditional songs from County Cork. He first became a central figure in the Irish folk scene with his band Stokers Lodge’s albums The Boys of Fairhill (1977) and Camphouse Ballads (1979).

His next group, The Electric Band, famously had a hit with a reggae version of ‘The Boys of Fairhill’ and he went on to have an illustrious solo career.

Jimmy Crowley Stoker's Lodge
Jimmy Crowley Stoker’s Lodge

Eve Telford is a singer connected to the folk traditions of Ireland, exploring themes of nature and mythology.

In 2023 they released their first album together called Child Ballads.