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Featured Artist

Chris Meehan & his Redneck friends

Saturday 6th February

"Chris Meehan and his Redneck Friends is the perfect festival band embracing many forms of music, including Cajun, Western Swing and a large helping of rock n' roll.... the line-up reads like Irish Music's hall of fame" - Rory O'Connor, Festival Promoter, Sligo Live.

Chris Meehan (piano/vocals)

Percy Robinson (Pedal Steel) Bobby Kelly (acoustic guitar/ vocals)

Brian Harris (electric guitar), Francie Lenehan (electric guitar/vocals),

Eamon Murray(harmonica/sax/vocals), Davie Byrne (Bass), MickO'Connor(drums)

Sean Regan(fiddle), Ana Leddy,Ide Leddy, Mary Roche (vocals).

* Exact line up can vary depending on availability etc. but never less than 12-15 on stage.

The Mill Theatre 


Phone 01-2969340

8.00 start


Tickets available on line from Mill Theatre



The DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin.

December 2015 brings to a close our 1st full year of running concerts in this lovely club. Here are some of the acts staged so far.

Hotclub of Dublin- Buddy Mondlock- Claire Lynch Band - Frankie Lane, Paul Kelly- Eric Taylor  Andy Irvine, Maria Drunn - Claire Lynch Band- John Spillane, Ger Wolfe- Albert Niland- Chuck Brodsky,Steve Wickham- No Crows- Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys- Tim Eriksen- Sonny Condell- Minnie & the Illywhackers- Gavin Mee- Clive Barnes- Steafán Hanvey- Niall Toner- Greenshine etc.

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"The DC Music Club is situated in the basement of a Georgian house. A cosy intimate 100 seated venue with bar and house PA. Perfect to relax and listen to quality music. No night clubs or other sound interference"...Discover Ireland

"What a great gig at the DC Music Club. Such a perfect venue for us!The sound was pristine and the room was cozy and comfortable. Thanks to all who came out to see us too"...Buddy Mondlock 

"The DC Music Club is the nicest space I've ever played in Dublin. It needs SERIOUS word of mouth and I predict it will become one of Dublin's most important medium sized venues. Can't wait to come back..Greenshine

"It's a really nice intimate Venue, and very worthy of support. We need more listening Venues like this around the Country"... Niall Toner


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Currently booking:

Lazy Horse

Chris Meehan & his Redneck Friends


No Crows


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